Just the latest Casualty!

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Just the latest Casualty!

Post by crofty48 on Thu Aug 31 2017, 17:04

I had a message from Chris this afternoon informing me of the latest casualty, it would seem whilst putting out the bins, Sue Westfield slipped on the wet driveway and landed awkwardly breaking her right wrist! of course Sue is right handed, (never happens any other way, does it!) so will now be in plaster for 6 weeks, you may have to get a lot of "take aways", Stewie, unless you're one of those terrific husbands who like to cook? also their will be dishwashing (can't do it with 1 hand) not too mention taking out the rubbish etc! Sue, we all wish you a Speedy Recovery.

I also spoke with Tina today, and she sounded brighter than the last time we had contact, hoping to get riding very shortly, so that's a positive step!
Phil Bellemey and I went out for a counter lunch yesterday, and he too is getting along quite well, he's been for a bit of a drive in the car, but will still be some time before he tries to get on either the Can-Am, or the motor bike, but being able to get up and about will no doubt do him and Tina a lot of good!

 By all accounts, Fonz is still away fishing, no doubt the "Moon Boot" will slow him down a bit, just hope he doesn't have to swim to the boat!!
 Regards Mick.

PS Chris caught up with Snake on Sunday, and says he is pretty good considering his injuries.


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