Rob Roy Hill Climb ride (Sunday 14/08/2017)

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Re: Rob Roy Hill Climb ride (Sunday 14/08/2017)

Post by Placid on Tue Aug 15 2017, 22:50


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Rob Roy Hill Climb ride (Sunday 14/08/2017)

Post by GuyW on Tue Aug 15 2017, 00:12

Had a great day on Sunday at the Rob Roy Hill Climb out near Sugarloaf dam. Beautiful weather and a good crowd to enjoy the latest incarnation of the world's second oldest 'permanent built' hill climb, organised by the MG Car Club.

Kelvin Blair put the ride together and led us in his gleaming, open topped MG, followed by 5 bikes and then another two cars.

Once there, we got to ogle hundreds of magnificent vintage cars, bikes and even billy carts, while gnarly old timers in ageing jalopies try to set the best times they could, racing up a long, winding incline and out of sight into the gum trees, leaving just the sound of their backfiring hanging in the air behind them.

The highlight of the day for me was the billy cart racing during the lunch break, where all shapes and sizes of kids raced all shapes and sizes of unroadworthy contraptions down the hill in time trials, with good humoured dads then having to push them back up the hill to the start for another run. As Rob Roy himself might have said, 'The wee nippers looved it'.

Many thanks to Kelvin for organising a very enjoyable day out.

PS. I have photos and videos of the event, but this forum doesn't allow them to be uploaded from a phone or computer. They have to already be uploaded somewhere onto the web and then linked to. Whilst Facebook will host them (and I have put some up there), the Ulysses group on Facebook is a closed group, so I don't think they can be linked to from there. Anyone out there with internet skills who knows how to work around this uploading issue?


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