Golden Oldies

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Golden Oldies

Post by mcwuf on Mon Aug 14 2017, 17:39

Oldies are worth a fortune; with gold in their teeth, silver in their hair, stones in their kidneys and lead in their feet.
Note from Grandma;
I have become a little older since I saw you last and a few changes have come into my life. I have become a little frivolous over the years. For example, I am meeting many men every day. As soon as I wake up it is Will Power who gets me out of bed. Then Uncle Toby looks after me at breakfast, followed by Billy T. Once that is over I meet, especially on cold mornings, Arther Ritis who spends much of the day with me, though he doesn't like to stay in one joint too long. After such a busy day, I relax in the evenings with Johnnie Walker, who consoles me.
The other day, the minister came to visit me and said that I should be thinking of the hereafter more often. I replied; "I am, every time I go into another room I say to myself; now what am I here after".


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