The 3-6-12 Rule.

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The 3-6-12 Rule.

Post by ghost_rider on Sun Aug 13 2017, 11:28

A few months ago, Ferri and I did the Yarra Ranges/Honda (HART) Advanced Riding course on “the Spurs”. It was okay. My instructor said that he couldn’t teach me anything (probably because I was too thick!). I did learn one thing however, that I hadn’t heard of in over thirty years of riding. Since the ride cost me over $100, it was an expensive piece of knowledge, so I would like to share it with you, for your consideration. It’ll save you the $100 and may improve your safety! Remember, this is from a professional Honda accredited trainer.

It’s the “3-6-12 Rule”.
The “3”, we all know as the three second gap between you and the vehicle in front. This distance, of course varies with speed and conditions, but you COUNT OUT three seconds. Since motorcyclists need to use the whole lane, the three second gap also applies when in stag-file. According to the Honda expert, it’s three seconds from ALL bikes ahead, regardless of whether in single file or stag-file.
The “6” is an ideal we should aim for. It is looking out ahead to six seconds (i.e., the second vehicle in front of us). It also means that we should try to enter corners at an appropriate speed to try to have six seconds of vision around the corner.
Finally, the “12” is the ideal on a straight road. Try to look ahead out to twelve seconds, especially looking for hazards and entering traffic on side roads.
That’s it. We probably all do it instinctively, but this little rule may be a helpful reminder. It did cost me over $100 to learn it! Safe riding!

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