Midweek Ride 12 July, 2017 to Toolangi Tavern. Ride report from Ewan!

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Midweek Ride 12 July, 2017 to Toolangi Tavern. Ride report from Ewan!

Post by ghost_rider on Wed Jul 12 2017, 17:47

Ratbags mid-week ride 12/7/17
Same old same old, just another fantastic mid weeka.
17 turned out for what was a great riding day, so for those that this helps, here goes.
Leafy, Toey, "THE FONZ", Smiffy, Quentin, Hank, Tony, Helmut, Ron, Ferri, Degsi, and Ewan. Now the ladies. Gipp, Sherri, Carol, Jenny, Michelle and Rowena (alias Smiffy).
Toolangi Tavern was the lunch destination this time.
Not too cold, dry roads, large pack that stayed pretty much together, and some not too often faces complimented by some newbies from Vic Chicks made this another top day.
HIGHLIGHTS. Only 2 Harley's to babysit, and school hol's brought out all the Teachers.
For some reason "THE Fonz" keeps bringing the wrong bike. This time it was a flat rear tyre, on the way home down Chum Creek Rd. So if anyone
Is still wondering what happened to T.E.C, you read it first here.
Rowan Smith you may like to share this report with the ladies, and could u transfer this to the other YR forum pls.
Thank all, the more the merrier.

What a splendid group of 18 Ulyssians including three beautiful guests from Vicchics. Thanks for such great company on a perfect, sunny winter’s day. Back roads to Launching Place; then the Don Valley to the Beechworth Bakery, Healesville and Myers Creek Road to the very salubrious Toolangi Tavern. The return via Chum Creek and the Old Healesville Road to Yarra Glen. Poor old Fonzie forgot his can of puncture repellent around Chum Creek. Our great TEC Ewan kept him company, waiting for the tyre fairy (Ferri?). Ferri dutifully corner marked for 40 minutes waiting for them to catch up! Degzi suggested that, like Top Gear, if one of us fall by the wayside.. just move on! (He was joking, I think.) Everyone got home safely eventually. The useless Ride Leader wasn’t much help because he had no phone credit left. (Note to self, check my phone credit before rides)

Photos on Facebook here:  https://www.facebook.com/rowan.smith2/media_set?set=a.1492852537443804.1073742259.100001572154884&type=3&uploaded=32

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