Vison impaired day at Sandown race track

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Vison impaired day at Sandown race track

Post by eduard_kuppens on Thu Jun 29 2017, 12:23

Hi allot all the Riders wishing to Participate on Sunday 2nd July,
i would like to point out that you are obliged to check out with your own Insurance compony weather you are insured While you are on the Track? in the event there is an Accident while on the track, I do know that you all have insurance but it would be best that you check,? I have contacted my insurance an they said that while we are on the service road your insurance will cover you as that road is public road So Please check. One more thing i would like to ask is that all participants Have a currant Motorcycle License An be Currant with Your Ulyesses membership, one last thing i would like to say there will be rules an regulation upon the day an i will let you know on the day, They must be obeyed there's Guy's see you there have a good one cheers ( Homer )

p.s  Fonzie checked his insurance  QBE  and he is  NOT covered.

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