Brunch - A bit of Housekeeping!

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Brunch - A bit of Housekeeping!

Post by Scoresby Chris on Mon Jun 26 2017, 20:32

Good Evening All,
Re: A bit of house keeping regarding our Saturday Brunch gatherings. 
We have been contacted by a spokes person representing the shop owners that are located around the Brunch cafe! They have bought it to our attention the following concerns: 
- that access to shops is often blocked by bikes on a Saturday Morning 
- that customers of shops have difficulty parking on a Saturday morning 
- that Ulyssians utilise Subway furniture without buying anything. 
- that the Saturday morning speech is dangerous and restricts car movement around the car park. 
I want to get on the front foot with these complaints as if we do nothing we will probably end up having to deal with council. Can I please request the following as a starting point! 
- that ALL shop entries are kept clear for access / egress - can all members please monitor this request. 
- that car parks at the rear of the car park (closest to Canterbury Road be utilised by those driving members driving cars. 
- that members refrain from using subway furniture unless purchasing goods from Subway. 
The complaint will be discussed at the next committee meeting to determine what further action we can take. 
Thank you for your cooperation - we will work closely with the shop owners to ensure that our Saturday Mornings remain a happy environment for all parties! 
Chris Collins - President, Yarra Ranges Branch.
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