2017 AGM Learnings

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2017 AGM Learnings

Post by Scoresby Chris on Sat Jun 03 2017, 13:56

Hi all, I have just returned from my 3rd AGM at Port Macquarie in NSW. Due to Tracey being so sick, our long awaited bike trip ended up being done in the Mitsubishi. All in all, it was a great trip and the decision to take the car was a blessing given that we had a couple of incidents along the way. It also allowed us to take riders bags and panniers taking some stress of the bikes / riders. I know we keep on learning every time we do a trip however I thought I`d share my lea...rnings.
When doing serious touring...every bike should have a glove friendly GPS...Whilst a GPS directions are not always the most accurate, it will generally get you to where you need to get to which is very handy when in a foreign place. Secondly, The elements will make your ride a disaster if you are not prepared especially at this time of the year....so heated Grips, bark Busters, good protective clothing and wind shields should be on the list....Thirdly - In helmet Comms is a must...the ability to make a call, or ask "Siri" for directions or talk to a fellows rider is invaluable...I have found the SENA to be easy to use and has a great battery life....Fourth....Plan your ride...stops / fuel / toilet and accommodation...and last but could or should be #1 consideration....RACV Total care...On this trip, we had 2 riders have incidents....Knowing that you can get help and assistance regarding rider and bike is a very comforting factor.
The 2018 AGM is in the Riverland in SA (Berri) - I would urge you to start planning your trip as they are great events.
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