Can Am Spyder - Owner Satisfaction and reliability.

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Can Am Spyder - Owner Satisfaction and reliability.

Post by Firefly_au on Sat Apr 29 2017, 15:04

Hi Folks,

I recently read a article on "owner satisfaction and reliability" for motorcycles in Australia which had Can Am as one of the worst rated makers.

As a new owner of a 2010 Spyder RSS, after I adapted my riding style to three wheels, I have to say I find my RSS an exciting and comfortable machine to ride!  (I have to watch the speedo these days or risk a ticket.)

I have owned this 6 year old used vehicle for just over 8 months (5000klm) and I have had no major problems with it. However, I have had some minor issues with the electrical system. Specifically with the plug-in relays failing, that have caused a variety of seemingly unrelated and weird error messages from the inbuilt Vehicle computer. All of this was due the $5 relays failing. Initially I just replaced the faulty relay due to the head lights not turning on reliably. Then the cooling fan stopped working due to another relay failing. This put the Spyder into "limp home mode" due to overheating. Then finally I got a low battery error and random VSS errors due to another relay! At this point being familiar with electronic components I decided to replace all remaining old plugin relays in the Spyder. Since then all the weird issues electrical issues have disappeared.  

Interestingly it seems Can Am have changed supplier of these relays to Omron. These Omron relays have a much higher contact current and number of operations specification than the original relays. Perhaps they were underrated and have been causing a few issues?

I was wondering have any of the other Can Am owners in our club any comments or opinions to share regarding the Owner Satisfaction and reliability of their Spyders ?


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