Twisties to Yarck and the Giddy Goat Cafe! 26 Feb 17

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Re: Twisties to Yarck and the Giddy Goat Cafe! 26 Feb 17

Post by Firefly_au on Tue Feb 28 2017, 12:42

Hi all,

It was a great day for a ride to Yarck the roads and weather were great and I had fun riding my new Spyder on it's first official club ride

Starting from Yarra Glen we travelled up the slide and along Breakoday road to Flowerdale and Yea for a drinkbreak. from there I was told there was the option to avoid the more demanding Ghin Ghin road which suited me just fine. From what I was told later it was probably just as well Phil and I took the less demanding route directly to Yarck, as there reportedly was a dead wombat in the middle of the narrow highland road which may have caused us some difficulty avoiding on our Spyders.

Anyway the weather remained beautiful all day I had an incident free thoroughly enjoyable ride on good roads, with Phil and I riding our Spyders down the back of the pack so we could keep an eye on each other. Our ride finished when we returned to Yarra Glen for an Ice-cream and a final chat with the lads before heading home.

A big thanks to Fonze and Mick for organising such a great days ride including coping with all the route variations to accommodate everyone.


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Re: Twisties to Yarck and the Giddy Goat Cafe! 26 Feb 17

Post by Tinas_Harley on Sun Feb 26 2017, 21:47

Really was a great ride, can we do it again the other way next time. Can I just mention how amazing the vanilla slice were, some of us HAD to eat them because they were overstocked.

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Re: Twisties to Yarck and the Giddy Goat Cafe! 26 Feb 17

Post by JOHN ECKHART (FONZE) on Sun Feb 26 2017, 21:20

Mick failed to mention that a lot of the credit for planning the ride goes to him.  Without his assistance in the recces, planning the route (including an original U turn because of gravel road) the ride would not have gone as well as it did.  As usual much credit should go to the TEC who has an important role in the overall success of any ride.

Well done and thanks to Mick.

cheers FONZ

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Twisties to Yarck.

Post by crofty48 on Sun Feb 26 2017, 20:04

How fortunate were those able to make the ride to Giddy Goat Cafe today,we were treated to a brilliant, crisp summer morning, specifically designed to enhance riding motorcycles through the beautiful Yarra Valley!
 We left Yarra Glen about 9-30 in sunshine for the ride via break'o'day road to Yea for "T&P" break,and after a 30minute break, the main contingent of riders departed via Ghin Ghin, the Highlands, Caveat, Terip Terip and into Yarck, whilst the rest of the group, including our 2 CanAm Spyders travelled direct to Giddy Goat via the highway.
Ride leader for the day was 'The Fonz, followed by motorcycles, then bringing up the 'reargaurd' in his "exploding yellow vest" (thanks Guy) was Kelvin, and immediately behind him was me as TEC just to confuse things, followed somewhere behind by the 2 CanAms! As Guy would say, "What could go wrong"!! NOTHING!
 All was in place to receive us at Giddy Goat as Fonz had called ahead with numbers, and our group was well catered for with a minimum of fuss.
 I'm told some 36 bikes in all made the journey, with a couple of pillions thrown in, a really pleasant day out, with lovely people, Rowan has copied some 'pickies' to facebook, and if you read this Rowan, see if you can copy them to our website for those who either don't have, or don't want facebook, thanks mate.
 Stirling job once again, Fonz, with organising not just the day out, but all your good work in the past.
 Regards Mick.


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Twisties to Yarck and the Giddy Goat Cafe! 26 Feb 17

Post by ghost_rider on Sun Feb 26 2017, 17:40

A wonderful day with great company and some beaut new roads for me, discovered by Fonz. Thanks cobber!


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Re: Twisties to Yarck and the Giddy Goat Cafe! 26 Feb 17

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