A look back at 2012

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A look back at 2012

Post by ghost_rider on Sat Jan 19 2013, 12:39

To commemorate the release of the topless photos of Kate Middleton,
Royal Doulton will be releasing a Collector's Edition of two small jugs


7 wheelchair athletes have been banned from the Paralympics after they tested positive for WD40


A mummy covered in chocolate and nuts has been discovered in Egypt
................. Archaeologists believe it may be Pharaoh Roche...


Just A Reminder to those who stole Electrical Goods in Last Years Riots....
Your One Year Manufacturers Warranty Runs Out Soon


"ITS A BOY" I shouted "A BOY, I DON'T BELIEVE IT, ITS A BOY" and with tears streaming down my face
I swore I'd never visit another Thai brothel!!!


2 Indian junkies accidental snorted curry powder instead of cocaine. They’re both in hospital... one's in a korma…
the other's got a dodgy tikka!


Sailing results are in, GB took gold, USA took silver and Somalia took a middle aged couple from Weymouth.

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