Impromptu ride to King Lake

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Impromptu ride to King Lake Empty Improptu ride today:)

Post by Firefly_au on Sat Oct 29 2016, 22:21

Mick - believe it or not today was my first ride with other club members involving "twisties" on my new Spyder RSS and I had a great time. Like you I enjoyed the good company of YR friends and the ride. Except for a couple of corners and roundabouts with crazy chambers I had no problem taking them at reasonable pace. At no point was I worried that I might come a cropper or felt pressured to go faster than I wished, so riding my Can Am with my YR mates is great fun Smile My mate Jimmy was impressed by the meat balls at the Kinglake pub, I am sure many of us can agree with him on that  sunny

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Impromptu ride to King Lake Empty Impromptu ride to King Lake

Post by crofty48 on Sat Oct 29 2016, 17:09

Some 23+ riders left after  Brunch this morning on a ride to King Lake pub, weather was extremely inviting, and so, having split into 2 groups, headed for the pub via different routes, with the larger group' going via Yarra Glen and Mt Slide, and the 'other lot' going via "who knows" which way, and all converging for lunch to a most welcoming 'publican and staff' at the pub.
 We managed to fill most of the outdoor tables without taking over the place, and those few other customers took it all on board quite well, with a young family at the end of our table most friendly and talkative!
 Really good too see a couple of our "lady riders" in the group, and the day was perfect for a ride thru' the hills, managed to split up again for the journey home, with some going back down the "slide' and into Yarra Glen for coffee, and the others going via Toolangi Rd and Healsville!
 Two "CanAm's" on the run today, Phil and Nigel, with Nige getting in some very good twisty road experience, you seem to be handling it quite well now, Nige!
 Never seems to fail, going out with the 'Y.R' lot, had a really great day out with terrific company yet again!
 Regards Mick.


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