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Post by Derek Smyth on Sun Oct 16 2016, 20:35

Looks like you've been restless again John. I notice you are getting older by the late starts! Smile
Could you just duck back to Darlington Point to log the coordinates of the Bills Horsetrough for me?
Derek Smyth
Derek Smyth

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FarRide East #42 Empty FarRide East #42

Post by JgC on Sun Oct 16 2016, 19:09

Hi Folks
had a good weekend out on the bike.  Whilst not a Ulysses run event , they seem to be mostly Ulyssians in attendance .Left from Warragul at 1-00pm on Friday . Good run down the freeway into town , out the ring road and onto the freeway past Ballarat and onto the Sunraysia highway . Very little traffic perfect riding conditions .Had a few issues with the setting sun but not for long .Stopped at Ouyen for a coffee and ran into fellow Ulyssian and FarRider Ron (Perry ?). We travelled onto Mildura at fair clip and had turns leading and sometimes side by side comparing the Ron's 4" HIDs Vs my 6"LEDs .May have found a speed camera about 20ks out grrrrr!!!!! Wait on the mail for that one !
We made a lazy 6-30am start and headed up the silver city highway and arrived at Broken Hill by 9-30 where we met a few other riders and out to Silverton .Amazed at the greenery and the wildflowers ( even if a lot of the colour was from Pattersons Curse  !)

Checkin was at 11-30 the BBQ lunch , a photo and back on the road .Stopped at Cobar at 5-30  for fuel and a little refreshment and decided to push on to Hillston for the night .Great evening/night for travel ,very little in the way of wildlife bounding around Only problem ,the bugs were so thick , to the point of clogging the lens of the headlight which made dipping to low beam a nightmare .You either don't dip , which make the oncoming truck blind you with his spotties or dip and slow to about 20 to give some chance of avoiding anything on the road .Luckily there was only a few oncoming vehicle .The Lachlan River is in flood and is over the road about 30kms out .Only about 200-300 mm deep for about 150m but it is a bit different in the water at night .Locals are expecting the floodwaters to rise over the next week so they may close the road soon .I made the pub by about 8-45 and had a couple to was down the bugs ! Club House Hotel , nice and clean ,cheap as chips and you can park around the back.

I am getting lazy ,another 7-00 am start today and off home . The Murrumbidgee is in flood .Darlington point is almost surrounded by water ,the caravan park is under water . There are some waterlogged cabins but it looks like all the vans got shifted .The levy is the only thing keeping the town dry. The Murray is chocka as well with the water only a a couple feet below the old bridge at Tocumwal. Made it home by 2-30
it was really good to see the country so green, so different than a few years ago when it was all just dust and rocks !


Stats for the trip
2430 kms
136lt fuel
5.63lt per100km

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