Charities, one of those things Ulysses are good for!

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Charities, one of those things Ulysses are good for!

Post by crofty48 on Sun Oct 16 2016, 12:28

Yesterday, instead of going to Brunch, Tony (Placid) and myself went along to Glen Waverly Uniting Church where, for the past few years we put a couple of bikes on display at the Annual Fete/Fund raiser, so kids as well as mum's, dad,s and anyone who wants to can, for a gold coin donation, have their photo taken on a motorbike!
 I think yesterday we were upstaged by the Glen Waverly Scout Groups 'billy cart rides', however, we still contributed in our small way to funds collected, and both did our fair share of chat to those interested enough to find out why a couple of "old farts" like motorbikes so much!
 It was a pleasant morning to be out, and the fete attracts quite a good crowd, we were there from 9am 'till 1pm, and had all ages sitting on the bikes or just having a chat, didn't do the Ulysses image anything but good, and the time spent passed quickly enough!
 Easy morning, thanks Tony, happy to do it again, no doubt we will get some positive feedback the organizers.
 Regards Mick.


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