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Post by K2 on Fri Oct 14 2016, 10:55

Thursday morning at 10.00am was a crisp but fine 10 degrees and 4 hardy souls set off from Brunch café behind Gavin on his Victory – the Prez on his BMW, Leafy on the silver Wing, Toey on the “ever reliable” black Harley and Guy on his Harley with the new screen. We made our way down to Mountain Highway and headed up into the hills. Turning off the Tourist Road near Sassafras onto The Crescent, the riding was careful as there was a lot of dampness and a fair amount of tree litter on the road. Through Kallista (I think the town was asleep!) and the National Park, we emerged at Belgrave and continued to head south down to Wellington Road. We did a dogleg over to the Berwick Road and then onto Boundary Road and a beaut part of the world for riding. We rode along the southern end of Cardinia Reservoir and up the eastern side to Emerald and on to Cockatoo for a welcome pit stop! No bits had fallen off and all sound systems were still pumpin’ out the tunes!!

We headed over to Gembrook and then turned north towards launching Place. There are many great sweepers and some tighter corners on this bit of road and the lads enjoyed a bit of a squirt up through Hoddles Creek where we turned off at Lusatia Park Road and then onto the narrow Schoolhouse Road. We turned south and picked up Macclesfield Road near Yellingbo and turned off at Monbulk to head for Olinda and Sky High for lunch. Johnnybegood met us at the restaurant for a feed and some lively banter, and afterwards we headed off on our separate journeys home. A very enjoyable ride, thanks Gavin (who will soon be taking a break in the US for a few weeks).

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