Eric's ride to Albury

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Eric's ride to Albury Empty Re: Eric's ride to Albury

Post by Placid on Wed Oct 12 2016, 10:08

Here's the weir with the gates open.
Eric's ride to Albury 2w3orxd

We also met up with Bruce and Sue in Yea on the way home.
Good report, Mick.
Good ride, Eric.

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Eric's ride to Albury Empty Eric's ride to Albury

Post by crofty48 on Tue Oct 11 2016, 10:59

Six of us set out from Yarra Glen on Friday in fierce wind that didn't abate until well past Yea' and only 4 of these meagre 6 were on motorbikes!
 As I was about to mount my bag to the bike, I couldn't help but notice my front tyre was flat! didn't have time to mess about with it there and then, and heeding Sheri's unfortunate drama with a slow leak,  I rang Phil and told him I'm forced to take my car, he agreed to travel with me, so both of us were 'bikeless' small blessing for outward journey, as already explained, very strong wind, and encountered more of the same upon our return, really felt for those on 2 wheels as we were blown all over the place in my little car.
 We made stops along the way at Yea, Bonnie Doon, and a highway roadhouse for lunch before riding on into Albury/Wodonga, Phil and I stayed at the cabin park in Wodonga and our riders continued on to the accomodation they had previously at the A.G.M, about 4Ks down the freeway from us, so not too far for Phil and myself to catch up with them for meals etc.
 We had a pleasant ride/drive out to the dam on Saturday in beautiful weather, all 12 gates were open on the dam making for quite a spectacle,(not the ones on your nose!) and was attracting a very large crowd of onlookers! Most local roads were inundated with floodwater, but fortunately the highways and major roads were dry, we then adjourned to a pub for light refreshment before having lunch at a truck stop Eric led us to, very relaxing time, no rushing about, just idle chat and sharing good company.
 Return ride/drive home was without incident, and a pleasant time away was enjoyed by all. Easy time, great company, pleasure to share time with mates!  Thanks to Eric for making it happen!
  Regards Mick.
   Almost forgot, Bernie and Ann escorted us to Yea, thanks for the company!


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