Gavin's Mid-Week Ride - Ride report from Martin Dempster

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Gavin's Mid-Week Ride - Ride report from Martin Dempster

Post by K2 on Fri Oct 07 2016, 10:06

Mid week ride report 6/10/2016

I have been looking forward to today's ride especially because of the fantastic sunny and warm weather forecast and Snake's proposed route of Reefton Spur to Marysville. Anna has just got back from a month overseas and hasn't been on a bike in over a month and she was looking forward to today's ride also. My last ride was a few weeks ago with Snake's Portsea ride. So we were really excited when when wheeled our bikes out of the garage this morning looking forward to the day. So you can imagine my disappointment when going to start my bike (BMW 1200RT). and it would't start and I ended up flattening the battery. Anna tried starting her bike (300 Honda) and it refused to start also. The Honda finally relented and started so Anna was OK to go but not me. Anyway, fortunately we were pretty early so I had time to put the battery charger on the 1200RT for about 40 minutes and bingo it started after a few tries and the ride was back on. Yes!

Anyhow, we got to the Brunch Cafe in Kilsyth at 10am and met some of the crew. Mark, Leafy, Snake, Kelvin and Ewan. It was great to see Ewan finally back on his bike and looking so fit. So on the bikes in perfect sunny weather and off to Yarra Junction to pick up Lynne and a stop at Warburton for a toilet stop. The river was up and flowing fast, testimony to all the rain we have dropped on us recently. So at 11 o,clock and 18.5 C temperature, off we rolled for the Reefton Spur and Yarra Ranges National Park. It was such a great feeling being back on my ride enjoying the great weather and the company of like minded riders with Snake in the lead.

I was not sure what to expect in terms of the road surface of Reefton (C511/C513) after all the recent rain and bad weather. Fortunately, this stretch of road was not too bad with some light tree litter. I am a bit gun shy at the moment with road debris after recently skidding on some dead road kill in my street setting up to turn into my driveway and dropping my other bike which is still being repaired. The road kill by the way, which was like a oily rag, was a big Rat. Hillarious? During this stretch, Spook and Scottish Bill caught up to us on their Spyders. So now our numbers had grown to 10 on the ride. The scenery was lovely on such a sunny day and we had some beautiful views when at at higher elevations.

We eventually turned on the C512 which is the last stretch to Marysville and it was soon apparent that we had to be more careful here as there was much more road debris to watch out for, especially fallen tree branches covering parts of the road. Unfortunately, one of our crew had a small incident trying to warn riders behind and the bike gently kissed the ground like the Pope. Fortunately, minimal damage resulted and no injuries. We got a lovely view of Marysville as we descended down the hills into the town and we pulled up at the Bakery for lunch and some great conversation. We arrived at 12.15 pm and according to my bikes thermometer, 17 degrees C.

After lunch, we were back on our rides at 1.15 and departed for home. Snake led us back through the Black spur and Healsville where Lynne left us for home. Snake and some of crew left us at Lilydale and Anna and I set off for home. We arrived home at 2.45pm and temperature skyrocket to 26 degrees C. No dead rats on the road out the front of our place today thank god. End of a great day on the bikes and many thanks to Snake and the crew.

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