Lladro Figurines

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Lladro Figurines

Post by Henry Rokx on Wed Jan 16 2013, 16:27

The Lladro figurines formerly owned by Maggie which have been advertized for some time
in various mediums and so far we have not had any interest. Although these figuirenes
are nominally valued at over $500 each and we opted for a price of $400 each as a minimum.

Due to the time that has passed and the need to move these items on, we are now going
to make them available to our members for any reasonable offer. We would expect at least
$150 each. The money raised will be forwarded to the Seeing Eye Dogs to top up the previous
donation made from the sale of Maggie's memorabilia.

Anyone interested in making an offer should contact one of the committee members.

Henry Rokx

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