Spring sortie to Portsea Pub. (Snake route 5) Wednesday Wanderers

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Spring sortie to Portsea Pub. (Snake route 5)  Wednesday Wanderers Empty Re: Spring sortie to Portsea Pub. (Snake route 5) Wednesday Wanderers

Post by ghost_rider on Wed Sep 07 2016, 21:59


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Spring sortie to Portsea Pub. (Snake route 5)  Wednesday Wanderers Empty Spring sortie to Portsea Pub. (Snake route 5) Wednesday Wanderers

Post by GuyW on Wed Sep 07 2016, 19:35

They say that the best alarm clock is sunshine on chrome and so it was. A beautiful day with only a few lazy cumulus in the distance and about 22 degrees Celsius, or 295 degrees Kelvin, who was our Tail End Charlie for the day.

The point of assembly was the servo on the corner of Stud and FTG Rds, but a few of us swung by Brunch first to make sure there were no digitally challenged members who had not read about this online. Hi Quentin :-)

When we arrived at the Shell servo we saw what a fair weather bunch Ulyssians are, with no less than 15 reprobates and myself, making 16 in total. Maybe 3 of them tops would have been there if there was even the slightest hint of rain.

Our ride leader, as is usual now on Wednesdays, was the man they call Shnayk. The Shnaykster read us all the riot act and we took off towards the Monash Freeway.

The freeway was a bit shambolic to say the least, with lane hopping tin-tops flying past and and the right hand lane suddenly grinding to a halt at one point. Somehow we all managed to escape onto the Westernport Freeway and headed off in a Hastingly direction.

I tend to zone out a bit during longer rides and can't recall much about it except that Snake led us through a little town called Bitten, perhaps named after himself? The locals are so dumb they misspelled it Bittern. I'm told that Bittern North is a more salubrious postcode than Bittern South, so the northerners put Bittern N on their envelopes, which leads to a lot of bittern S.

My main impression of the Westernport Hwy was 5th, 4th, 3rd, 2nd, roundabout, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 4th 3rd, 2nd, roundabout.

We had some fun twisties on Boneo Rd and the Snake took off big time. A few brave guys went with him. Some Harley rider went past me so fast that I thought I must have broken down and almost got off my bike at 90kph to see what the trouble was.

Once we got close to the sea it was very pleasant, with the azure ocean nicely counterpointing the cloudless sky. On weekends as soon as you get onto a seaside road you run into great hordes of bipeds on velocipedes, lycra covered bottoms on display like baboons on heat, but that is the magic of mid-week rides, nary a mamil (middle aged man in lycra) to be seen.

We stopped at Flinders pier for a few minutes and picked up the Big Belgian Bastard (Michael) and a couple of his mates from Two Bays. Then on to lunch at the Portsea Pub.

Up until now there were no incidents, but on arrival one of our group, who shall remain nameless, managed to lose his keys less than 30 seconds after alighting. They were eventually found in his helmet, the very place where his brain had recently resided.

A ride sheet filled in at the pub as we swapped yarns over some seafood, burgers or bangers and mash reveals the following breakdown of riders and bikes.

Suzuki led the charge with Martin, Lawrie, Quentin and Michael all on Boulevards, with Dave on a Bandit and Tom on a GSX 1400.

Harley were represented by Hank, Stewart, David and myself. BMW also had four riders in Rowan, Ferri, Marty and Matt.

Kelvin, Paul and Glenn championed Yamaha and then there was Snake on his Victory Cross Country Tour and David on a Kwaka Vulcan 1600. Quite an eclectic assortment, but strangely no Pagstas, a very underrated bike.

Snake had a quick conference call to describe the gathering to Fonzie, who later left a message on my mobile wishing me happy birthday. Thanks, mate!

Snake decided to take us back via Mornington and started off by riding through what appeared to be a golf course. I heard someone yell 'fore', but he must have put a slice on it.

At some point a few of us took an unauthorised right hand turn onto the Peninsula freeway, presumably because we had things we had to get back to or were short on gas. I'm told one of the Harley riders later dropped his bike on a corner, but was unhurt and able to keep riding. Perhaps someone can shed more light on this and whether there was any damage?

I didn't take any photos, so am relying on others for photographic evidence of our exploits.

Once again many thanks to Gavin (Snake) Martin for leading us on another great ride and Kelvin Blair for doing his usual great job as TEC. Very Happy


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