New Members Discussion!

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New Member Discussion

Post by Firefly_au on Thu Aug 11 2016, 20:52

Hi Chris,

Before I make a comment;

I would like to share my reminiscence of my first experience with the Ulysses - Yarra Ranges Branch.

When I first approached our Ulysses club I was still riding under a restricted license so most of my riding was done on a 250cc dirt bike. Can you imagine my trepidation when I rode this bike for the first time to Yarra Glenn Hotel? This was where our branch did the Saturday gatherings about a decade ago.

I arrived at the pub to find a large number of very nice looking big machines parked in a line and the only spot available was next to a very flash looking huge Harley Roadking! As I parked I thought to myself "you must be crazy parking your dirt bike here!" Man are you going to cop it!

Anyway I thought you have come this far go and say "Gday" and see how you go? With some trepidation I went to face the unknown bikers through the door. As soon as I entered I was greeted immediately with a friendly and cheery hello who are you? followed by a come join us. Within 10 minutes I felt like I had found a new home away from home and nobody cared that I was only riding a dirt bike! I have never seen a club like this anywhere and have never regretted an instant of my involvement with Ulysses and Yarra ranges branch.

I believe as a club the only thing we need to remember is to go out of our way to try to make all new members or prospective members welcome! I personally believe we could also provide a small information kit to new members to help them feel at home. However it will always be up to them to find that close group friends, single close friend or riding buddies within the overall friendly branch to make the most of our branches overtly social environment.

Well those are my thoughts on welcoming new members.


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Re: New Members Discussion!

Post by Henry Rokx on Wed Aug 10 2016, 22:28

Hi Chris,
One thing to consider. A "Welcome to new members" page in the Grapevine to
welcome all those that have joined the branch since the last newsletter.
Henry Rokx

Henry Rokx

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New Members Discussion!

Post by Scoresby Chris on Wed Aug 10 2016, 20:13

Can you remember when you attended your first Ulysses might have been attending a Ulysses ride, it may have been calling into the Brunch Cafe or even a monthly dinner! Can you recall how you were welcomed or maybe not welcomed! I found my first experience a fairly daunting one not knowing anyone....thankfully it wasn't long till I was welcomed by a few of the members.....and as they say, that's now history! 
 I recently put my hand up to explore ways in which we can welcome new members into our club....what is it that we can do to make new members feel welcome and for them to feel informed re our club activities. I think it would be fair to say that new members have to do the groundwork as to what our club has to offer. 
 Over the past month, I have had the opportunity to chat about this project with a few members and I have received some great feedback.....for example: 
- we should assign a buddy to all new members for a period of time
- ensure that new members have been introduced to our committee members
- ensure that they know how to access the clubs web & Facebook sites
- invited to join club rides 
- invited & encouraged to attend club functions 
- made aware of club contacts & sponsors 
- name badges that identify newbies! 
So, I am seeking your thoughts (& assistance) re this subject...I would really love to hear your ideas or maybe you would like to be a Buddy for a new member. Feel free to drop me a note or hit me up next time you see me! 
Your ideas / thoughts / recommendations will be presented to the Yarra Ranges committee in the coming months. This is an opportunity to make our fantastic club even better! 
Regards CC
Scoresby Chris

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Re: New Members Discussion!

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