Ride to Bruno's garden in Marysville

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Re: Ride to Bruno's garden in Marysville

Post by JOHN ECKHART (FONZE) on Sun Aug 07 2016, 21:26

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Ride to Bruno's garden in Marysville

Post by Placid on Sun Aug 07 2016, 16:27

What a great day for a ride, today. Eight bikes left Brunch this morning with the riders keen to join the hundreds of others that were on the road making the most of the perfect riding weather.

We headed through Healesville and over the Black Spur to Marysville. We had morning tea at the bakery and then three of the bikes left us to head in different directions.

The other five riders went to Bruno’s Art & Sculptures Garden. What a great find this place turned out to be. After checking the paintings and the art works in the main building, we headed down into the garden. Meandering paths took us past all sorts of exotic sculptures. There was no end to this guy’s imagination when it came to making the exhibits. Bruno, himself, was keen to meet with us and explain some of the exhibits. This place is well worth a visit if you are in the area.

We left there and headed down to Healesville for a bite of lunch. We passed Sheri’s sad bike parked beside the road on the Black Spur. That’s a story that I’m sure Sheri will share with everyone. But she did well… she got us all up there in one piece.

After a bite at a Healesville bakery, we headed our separate ways. It was a very enjoyable day out, combining good companionship with great weather and a surprisingly interesting tour through a garden bulging with fantasy.

Thanks to Sheri and TEC Graeme for their efforts.


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