Yarra Ranges Facebook Update

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Re: Yarra Ranges Facebook Update

Post by K2 on Sat Jul 23 2016, 18:03

Thanks for your considered feedback, Richard. It's early days, so we are still settling in on Facebook.

Our aim is to apply similar conditions to our Yarra Ranges Facebook membership as we currently apply to our well established website. Through a group of administrators, the Branch decides who joins either forum and will apply the same conditions of membership. These conditions reinforce the Ulysses national website rules and the Ulysses Social Media Policy as published. One of the desirable characteristics of requiring agreement to the Ulysses policies for the Facebook site is that members are already familiar with their scope and intent, so there is only one set of rules for all members.

I believe that the fact that there is already a set of Ts & Cs for Facebook is of no consequence unless there is a conflict, and I don't believe there is.


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Re: Yarra Ranges Facebook Update

Post by Admin on Sat Jul 23 2016, 17:47

THIS Website and Forum can be seen by ANYONE - Ulyssians and Non Ulyssians alike anywhere in the World.

However to Post a Message on the Forum and see some otherwise restricted to members only content you MUST be Registered with the Administrator.

To get Registered you must abide by the Rules that are clearly set out on the Main Page and these Rules - in essence - mirror those imposed by NATCOM in the Rules of Social Media Policy which in essence simply calls on Members to behave as Adults not silly stupid children aka Keyboard Warriors!

To get Registered on this Forum you MUST be a Financial Member of Ulysses and you prove it by including your Membership Number when you apply for Access. As the Administrators know roughly the range of valid Numbers its reasonable Security measure.

As to the Facebook Site - It's my understanding that No One can see the Facebook Site unless and until First Registered with the Administrators and I understand the Administrators use the same criteria IE the applicant must be a financial Ulyssian to be granted access and that they abide by the same rules as applied to members wanting access to THIS Site.

The principal difference between two sites is that THIS one this one is visible to all - the Facebook page you have to know it exists first but I am certain that it too can be accessed by all financial Ulysses Members without fear or favor upon request and is not Restricted to YR Members Only.

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Re: Yarra Ranges Facebook Update

Post by crofty48 on Fri Jul 22 2016, 13:29

I could be wrong, but my interpretation of 'members only' is in a similar vein to this forum in asking Y.R branch to refrain from posting 'offensive' material, or swearing, or allowing it to become a means by which we cast aspersions or arguments between individuals, or other such malicious postings, the like of which are rampant in a lot of 'keyboard warrior' Facebook posts!  Also, it's not a National Ulysses Facebook page.
Regards Mick.


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Re: Yarra Ranges Facebook Update

Post by RichardR on Thu Jul 21 2016, 22:37

"- that the Facebook site remains a Yarra Ranges members only site - restricted to members only"

What is the definition of a "Yarra Ranges member only"?
My understanding of the Ulysses Club Constitution is the Club members are nominally attached to branches based on the proximity of the branch to their place of residence and then only for dispute resolution purposes. I believe that under the constitution of the Ulysses Club there is no such thing as a branch member. If I am correct the only restrictions that can be applied to joining the Facebook page are either membership of Ulysses or some arbitrary whim of the person who approves the requests to join. The second option would not be a good look.
I suggest that this point should be carefully investigated prior to imposing a condition that may go against the Constitution of the Club we all belong to.

As to

"that Facebook users will be asked to sign a usage agreement similar to that of the web page"
The Facebook terms and conditions that every Facebook user agrees to more than cover any situation that could arise and insisting on a second set of T's and C's is superfluous at best and smacks of paranoia at worst.


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Yarra Ranges Facebook Update

Post by Scoresby Chris on Thu Jul 21 2016, 21:12

The Facebook page has been in a trial phase now for 3 months. In that time, 50 plus members have taken the opportunity to sign up to the site to assist with its development. Over the 3 month period, we have tried to mirror the web sites posts. In addition, we have been able to welcome new members, show new bikes and even advertise the odd bike. To date, the feedback has been generally positive.
During the week, the Yarra Ranges committee met to discuss the introduction of Facebook. The committee had a robust discussion about its usage and agreed that the page would be accepted as a supplement to the existing web site. Key points from the committee were:
- The Facebook page will not replace the web page
- where possible, the web page posts should be replicated onto the face book page and vica versa
- that Facebook users will be asked to sign a usage agreement similar to that of the web page
- that the Facebook page should contain club relevant information ie rides, events, ride reports, special events, special occasions etc.
- that the content to be kept fresh and older posts removed
- that the site be overseen by 3-4 admins
- that the Facebook site remains a Yarra Ranges members only site - restricted to members only

If your interested in joining the Facebook page, please search for "Yarra Ranges Branch - Ulysses Club" - if you need a hand to get set up....please contact Me (Chris Collins) on 0409364090. CC

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Re: Yarra Ranges Facebook Update

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