Bike Review Thunderbird LT 1700

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Bike Review Thunderbird LT 1700

Post by Snake1250 on Thu Jul 21 2016, 19:39

Bike Review Thunderbird LT 1700
Is the Thunderbird LT 1700 one of the best looking motorcycles ever made? Lashings of chrome… polished alloy… pin striped at every blend and a paint finish so deep you could drown in it.
This beast from any angle is drop dead gorgeous
The Thunderbird LT is unique in an absolute sea of boulevard style cruisers because it is the largest parallel twin on the market which at 1700cc pumps out 94 horsepower and a very respectable 151 NM of torque at 3550 RPM.This is very usefull indeed for a good holeshot off the line or coping with a bit of extra weight or days when as a rider you cant be bothered downshifting a gear when needed but instead wind the throttle on and let the big twin literally thump along.
Note it is a very smooth motor and does not have any of the teeth chattering body numbing vibrations you will experience on a few other brands of motorcycles in this market but it does buzz a little which you will feel through the bars etc.but its not distracting just part of the ride reminding the rider that pistons travel up and down togethor
As with all cruisers don’t get too excited about claimed power figures because a very large percentage of power available is just soaked up in moving in this case the mass of a very large highly polished metal.I would best describe the matching of engine power to the bike in the manner that Rolls Royce used to quote there engine output figures as……. “Adequate”
Amongst the many highlights of this bike is the seat. At 177.5 cms tall I found the seat height perfect to have my feet flat on the ground with a slightly bent arm reach to the bars but the highlight of the riding position is the seat itself which is the most comfy bike seat I have ever put my fat ass on
Words fail to describe how good this seat actually and it definitely puts the bike into the realms of an all day cruiser even though the bike does not have all the other trimmings of a full dress cruiser
Handling for a bike this big is superb with a light well balanced feel which easily tips into the fun bits with the absolute assurance of ABS front and rear should capabilities exceedAgain as with everything else on the bike the controls provide really good feedback which is further enhanced as Triumph are also using Showa suspension products same as several other non Japanese motorcycles for the front forks and rear end of the bike. Another bonus here from a maintenance point of view is that the rear end is conventional with twin shocks which allows for easy adjustment for load etc
Once aboard the big speedo is mounted on the tank and has additional information display ie distance to empty trip odo etc all very useful but it does take time to get used to looking down at a speedo rather than where you are going but it is absolutely in keeping with the retro groove the bike is generating
In so many ways this is an excellent bike but as with most things in life there is always a flaw and the the lack of ground clearance that this bike does not have means that you will be touching the boards down very often on even moderate corners if you are trying to hustle bike along a bit which I found very disappointing because the bikes ability to turn is way beyond what the designers seemingly have allowed riders to actually achieve……..a bit like never getting to first base with a girl that you were keen on!
Disclaimer.I must admit I did not check to see what settings the rear shocks were set so is it possible that the touching down I experienced was just a result of my bulk rather than a fault of the bike???
I asked a few dudes in the club that I ride with and nobody had any issues with cornering clearance but on checking further there are numerous road tests on line etc and the issue is raised but that aside this is a magnificent machine
I really enjoyed this bike and felt that if a buyer was in the market for something this big then I would recommend stump up the extra cash over the cost of a Japanese equivalent and have a bike that will turn heads everywhere it goes and will look fabulous in the garage lounge room or pool room
The LT in the triumph Thunderbird stands for Light Tourer and in this role the bike absolutely meets its design role with style and charisma to boot so rare in a sea of plastic fantastics…….did I mention how good this thing looks?

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