Midweek Madness

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Re: Midweek Madness

Post by Tinas_Harley on Wed Jun 22 2016, 22:22

Great read and sounds like a great ride.....will be there soon .

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Re: Midweek Madness

Post by JOHN ECKHART (FONZE) on Wed Jun 22 2016, 19:45


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Re: Midweek Madness

Post by Henry Rokx on Wed Jun 22 2016, 19:42

Great report Guy. Branch editor in the making perhaps.
It's really good to see ride reports getting posted again on a regular basis.

Henry Rokx

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Re: Midweek Madness

Post by Snake1250 on Wed Jun 22 2016, 19:40

That is the best and funniest ride report i have ever seen........ well done mate

That is a keeper


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Midweek Madness

Post by GuyW on Wed Jun 22 2016, 17:17

Ride Report

Despite the bitter cold and threat of late showers, no less than seven brave souls assembled at Brunch this morning for the so called 'Mission to Marysville'.

Our leader as usual was the redoubtable reptile Snake, astride his gleaming new 106 cubic inch stealth bomber. This futuristic piece of kit turned out to be a Victory Cross Country Tourer and I'm reliably informed that 106 cubic inches equates to about 1730 ccs. To make this report less painful I'm going to 'scale' back the number of 'hissterical' puns on the nickname Snake that I would normally make.

Comprising our motley cavalcade were Graham on his Honda Goldwing 1800, yours truly on a 1584 Softail, Kelvin on his trusty Star 1100, Amanda on her Triumph Speedie 900, Quentin spurring on his Suzi Boulevard 805 and Anna gamely keeping up with us all on her Honda CBF 300.

I can't remember the exact logic, but Snake concocted a plan that involved going via Sydney and actually it was a very nice ride.

We sailed straight out along the Maroondah Hwy with no fancy stuff, past Dame Nellie Melba's old mansion with its magnificent hedgerow and rolled on through the valley past Yering Station to Yarra Glen.

There we took the Melba Hwy and enjoyed a bracing but picturesque ride to Yea, where we stopped for a toilet break. (Yay!) At this point it transpired that a couple of riders were clad only in summer gear and with the temperature about 13 degrees (felt like minus 6) they had already partially frozen. I noticed Amanda especially was wearing only something akin to a bikini, so we did a bit of gear redistribution to try to get everyone to Marysville with a body temperature somewhere in the above zero range.

From Yea we headed towards the curiously named Molesworth, only to hang a right into everyone's favourite, WanglefunkleLeemarvin Rd. (Actually I looked it up and it's Whanregarwen Rd, so I wasn't far off.)

At this point the higher displacement bikes took off in a cloud of burnt fossil fuel and the 7 amigos strung out over about a 100 km stretch, eventually regrouping back on what might have been the Maroondah Hwy, (except I knew that we'd been on that at some point and left it.)

It was now so cold that even the icicles were wearing coats, but the scenery was particularly lovely with the pale winter light illuminating half of Cathedral Mountain as we cruised past. My mind was wandering a bit as it does when cruising and I recalled some lyrics by Don Maclean;

'Shadows on the hills
Sketch the trees and the daffodils
Catch the breeze and the winter chills
In colours on the snowy linen land'

We went through some small towns including one that might have been called Buxom, though that doesn't seem quite right in retrospect.

Finally we arrived in Marysville, which seemed very quiet and mildly frozen. The bakery cafe was warm and welcoming though and riders were slowly brought out of cryonic suspension and enjoyed some hot sustenance and the usual standard of Ulysses Club banter. Most importantly, I was able to successfully recover the lost umbrella. Mission accomplished!

We returned via the Black Spur as a tighly knit unit until Healesville and then started to go our separate ways.

Thanks as always to Gav for being a great ride leader and organiser and to Kelvin for being a patient and highly visible TEC  Smile  And thanks to all who rode for humouring me by going all the way to to the snowline just to pick up an umbrella.

Sadly I enjoyed the lunch and company so much that I left my umbrella in the bakery! Anyone for a ride to Marysville?

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Re: Midweek Madness

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