LAST POST-----------before Xmas

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Re: LAST POST-----------before Xmas

Post by Tinas_shadow on Thu Dec 31 2015, 13:36

Just wanted to say thank you to every one for their support this year. I thought Kathy and I were going to have a close race but unfortunately it wasn't the case. I am hoping to have a knee reconstruction late January/early Feb. The hot heavy plaster on my leg should come off then and the wonderful Alfred surgeons will decide the next plan for my ankle, possibly grafting bone from my hip. After that a little plastic surgery to tidy up things and I should be almost good as new.
Thankfully the support from TAC has been great, my car has been modified so that my accelerator is on the left side and I use my left foot. Can I suggest nobody park near me, it is a learned skill to drive with your left foot. affraid I am looking forward to TAC's support to get me back on two wheels some time in 2016.
I am hoping the pain and scars from this year will fade with time..........Happy New Year to a wonderful group of riders. Ride safe.

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Re: LAST POST-----------before Xmas

Post by bruce j on Thu Dec 24 2015, 20:11

It is great to see you (Tina) and Kathy as well finishing the year so well after such a long battle. Hope all enjoy a happy Christmas with those important to you and a great 2016

bruce j

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Post by SED1 on Thu Dec 24 2015, 17:08

What a big breakthrough Tina. I wasn't allowed to drive for a while and have never felt so limited in what I could do. I hope 2016 is the year of rapid recovery for you. xx

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LAST POST-----------before Xmas

Post by crofty48 on Thu Dec 24 2015, 13:05

I spoke with Tina Nicholls this afternoon, she was about to drive herself to the shops, 'how good is that' been a long time coming, and still not finished with it all but getting on with it anyway she can! Bravo' Tina.
Hopefully, I won't hear from any of you and the Welfare Officer will take a break over Xmas and New Year during which time all of you I trust, will have a lovely Xmas and safe New Year......
Regards Mick.


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