The Grapevine, December issue

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The Grapevine, December issue

Post by bruce j on Tue Nov 17 2015, 18:29

Yep; I'm chasing stuff to put in for December's issue (which we want to have out IN December).

I am particularly interested in ride reports with high definition pics (minimum 600Kb, hopefully over 1Mb). Keep the reports short; around 400 words ideally.

I am also interested in any recent stories that are motorcycle related you might think are humorous or interesting. The pics of new bikes are ones that I find and put in but I don't get all the bikes. If you have one of your own or a mates that is recent, send it in.

The Grapevine is a newsletter for communicating to the Branch by the Branch. It's use doesn't stop at committee level, much less at my level so stick something in. The Editor reserves the right to edit submissions, delay them for another issue, or reject them.

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