Jo Morris in hospital

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Re: Jo Morris in hospital

Post by K2 on Tue Aug 18 2015, 09:10

We wish you a speedy recovery, Jo

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Jo Morris in hospital

Post by crofty48 on Mon Aug 17 2015, 19:41

Seems we can't get away from members and spouses hurting themselves, and/or growing old and requiring replacement parts.
Ed Morris, our Saturday numbers game operator may have to step back this week as his wife Jo had a hip replacement today.
According to Ed,all went well and Jo may be home towards the end of the week, meanwhile, she is at Epworth Box Hill, no doubt feeling tired and sore. Anyone with a moment wanting to wish her well, or just have a chat, Jo is in 5 sth, bed 26b. Reception is 8807-7560, the phone by Jo's bed is 8807-7744. Really hope all goes well for you Jo. Regards Mick.


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