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Re: Re Car Rally

Post by Scoresby Chris on Sun Jul 12 2015, 21:18

What a fantastic day - a big big thx to Fonz & his helpers for all of the hard work that goes into the making of a great day - thx also to Burnie & Anne who once again made us feel welcomed - ummmmm, we have no idea who closed the gate - regards Chris, trace & stew
Scoresby Chris
Scoresby Chris

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Re Car Rally

Post by crofty48 on Sun Jul 12 2015, 15:25

Just got home from Y.R Car Rally. The day turned out absolutely perfect, to NOT be on a bike. For all of Fonze's efforts, it was well attended and I have no doubts that everybody enjoyed the Ride! What a fantastic effort, Firstly by Fonze who must have put in countless hours sorting this ride out, and to our 'corner markers'  Ed Morris, Eduard(homer) and Brin, who sat out in the cold to direct us at each stage, and to Bernie and Ann for hosting our final destination. Points Will be awarded  against those (who shall remain unnamed) who shut Bernie's gate in order to misdirect those following behind. The course set for us was very imaginative and interesting, had a great day out, many thanks. Regards Mick.
PS, In my haste to congratulate Fonze and road crew, I overlooked the COOKS who had something hot, ready for us coming in from a grueling day on the road, likewise, many thanks.

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