Chris Daly at Rehab

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Re: Chris Daly at Rehab

Post by crofty48 on Fri Jul 03 2015, 20:29

With only 3 wheelchairs, it could be a good time for Fonze to look at a wheelchair race? Glad Chris has been getting a few members visiting after Derek's message. Regards Mick.


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Chris Daly at Rehab

Post by Henry Rokx on Fri Jul 03 2015, 19:13

I called in to see Chris Daly at the Victorian Rehabilitation Centre in Springvale road
this afternoon. He is in good spirits despite the fact that he may have another couple of
months before he can walk. He is very grateful for visits he has had by various Yarra
Ranges members. He said he may not ride again, but I assured him he will always be
welcome whether he is riding or not. So we should expect to see him before Christmas
at Brunch. Visitors always welcome at VHC.
Henry Rokx

Henry Rokx

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