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Re: PAKENHAM & THE HILLS -Bikechickadee

Post by bikechickadee on Mon Jul 06 2015, 14:47

Thanks for coming Fonze; glad I didn't get up for nothing. Might add a bit further to it and wait for some much warmer weather should be tops then.

That coffee in Emerald was so nice, at least the rain held off for us!!
Plenty of twisties in there!!

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PAKENHAM & THE HILLS -Bikechickadee

Post by JOHN ECKHART (FONZE) on Sun Jun 28 2015, 15:56

Bikechickadee (Sherri) posted a ride at short notice - for today ( Sunday 28th June ) for a short cruise around Pakenham and surrounding hills.
The numbers who attended were rather small - actually very small - just Sherri and me.
After discussion and careful consideration, I decided to be Tail end Charlie, and we decided not to bother too much
about corner markers. It was fairly coldish, but brisk and clear. I knew that Sherri had worked out some interesting
back roads which turned out to be excellent and exactly my kind of road. We cruised around for about an hour and stopped
for a coffee at Emerald and then back to Berwick.
I am posting this report to let those who chose the comfort of their beds - what a great little ride you missed out on.
My thanks to Sherri for her effort.
Cheers .. Fonze

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