Yet another accident!

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Yet another accident!

Post by crofty48 on Thu Jun 25 2015, 16:45

Derek Smyth has just forwarded a message he received from Dave O'connor, it reads as follows. Hi Derek,not sure whether you heard, so I thought I would pass it on.
Chris Daly, a Montrose man who recently joined Ulysses, was cleaned up by a car 2 weeks ago.  He is in rehab at the moment, the smashed hip/pelvis is the big one to repair. Chris is just on 70, started riding later in life and was riding a R1200R at the time, I (Dave) have ridden a fair bit with him, and he is very steady. The story is a 4WD came off a dirt road onto bitumen directly in front of Chris. Regards Dave O'connor.  
I have asked Derek if he can forward contact information for Chris, and I will endeavour to follow it up.  Regards Mick.

Further to this report, I managed to locate Chris at The Vic Rehab Centre, he assures me he has plenty of family support and was thrilled that Y.R branch had made contact with him. He said he wants for nothing at this time and that he may not be in Rehab much longer, I will follow up as necessary. Regards Mick.


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