cheviot tunnel

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Re: cheviot tunnel

Post by crofty48 on Sun Jun 14 2015, 19:25

Great ride Homer, despite the cold, more than 30+ bikes turned up at Yarra Glen for a really cold start. In one respect, the fog was good in that it kept speeds in check with the weather, Geoff and his pillion did a great job as T.E.C, and a hot sausage in bread was very welcoming, thanks to Kelvin and his assistant Tony. Regards Mick.


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cheviot tunnel

Post by eduard_kuppens on Sun Jun 14 2015, 17:07

Well here go's ( Homer ) here the day started cold, An as we went ferther towards Yea it got colder, as we went onto breakaway road the fog was thick an go thicker but we trotted on,the speed was brought down a notch, We all survived the thick Fog, (Talk about thick soup,Well this was thick )We all got to Yea in one pice but frozen to the core an a hot cup of coffee went down well for all, then we headed to the Cheviot Tunnel an the soup was still thick, all off us went down the Tunnel an took some pic's, while we were at the Tunnel Kelvin stayed in Yea an started the Barb-by so when we got back there were snags ready for us all to Enjoy (Well done Kelvin,I thank you so very much great job done ) an i also must thank Geoff for being my tailed Charlie, an i would like to thank all our riders that went on the Ride, thank you all for a great day Cheers ( HOMER ) cheers cheers alien bad luck about the sun not coming out anyway thanks

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